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League News

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Thursday Zoomers

The banquet celebrated a great season of team spirit and good fun rivallry. Individual awards were earned by Dolores Rau 612 and Joe Paola 827 for their high triples. High singles this season were played by Janet Henry 263 and Gerry Rau 328. Finally, high averages were achieved by Ron Klages 210 and Gloria Weir 159. Thanks to everyone who came out and added to the weekly cheer this season!

Youth Bowling

The banquet recognized the top teams and the highlights of each players season. Keifer King earned high average of 63 and a high double rolling a 193, Riley Arthur won high single with 91 points and was most improved by 3 points, Jennifer Hutchison 64 HA/210 HD, Kolson Humphrey 127D, Kortnie Humphrey 50S, Millar Park-Wilson 112HS/+20MI, Nicolas Renon 154HS, Christopher Dolmage 368HT/+21MI, Eric Moore 113HA, Yasmeen Chamas 110HA/+17MI, Ravyn German 75S, Brittany Van Diepen  441HT/197HS, Kyler McAdam 327T, Cole Drennan 180S, Spencer Barnim 499T, Zach Chamas 158HA, Jared Salton 411T, Tyson McGavin 588HT/+26MI, Bennett Moore 233HS, Kylie Wardell 453HT, Kaidin MacAdam 353T, Amber Siertsema 186HS, Sydney Mathers 119HA/+15MI, Cody McConnell 384HT, Mike Haugen 153HA/577HT, Rosaleigh 507HT/200HS, and Kasey Siertsema 132HT/+7MI.

The Youth Bowling Bowler of the Year Tournament results are in with the Bowlasaurus first place won by Riley Arthur with a high score of 111, 2nd was earned by Jennifer Hutchison 94, and in 3rd Keifer King 94 with an honourable mention for Millar Park-Wilson 86. First place in the Bantams was rolled by Brittany VanDiepen 136, Nicolas Renon 105 in second, 3rd place Christopher Dolmage 99 and strong game played by Seth Bricker 140. In the Junior 1st place was earned by Spencer Barnim 309, in second Amber Siertsema 130, and third was grabbed by Zach Chamas 185. Other strong bowlers were Yasmeen Chamas 99, Tyson McGavin 133, and Cole Drennan 112. In the High School division Rosaleigh Johnston takes 1st place with her high game 224, second was Kasey
Siertsema 209, and in third place Mike Haugen 173.

Tuesday Meneset

Individual awards were given out early this week and the results are: Pat Heimpel 173 and Paul Timmerman 175 won the awards for high averages. The high triple award in the women’s division was won by Gloria Weir 567T and honourable mentions were given to Audrey Black 557, and Pat Blackadar 541, in the men’s division the top triple was rolled by David Blackadar 668. High single awards went to Sue Horton 243 and John Martel and Bob Mills both with 263,  honourable mention goes to John Falconer 245. The pins over average triple awards went to Wendy LeRoux +138 and Jim Sweeney +183, honourable mentions go to Barb Wilkinson +126, Sharlene Bean +125, Les Porter +166, and John Martel +150. Awards for pins over average single were won by Maureen Chapelle +110, John Martel +116, and Carmen McBurney +116, honourable mentions were earned by Tom Broome +105. Finally the most improved awards were given to Eva Martel +20 and Ron Chapelle +10. Honourable mentions went to Sue Horton +17, Wendy LeRoux +16, Barb Wilkinson +13, Angela Polach +8, Clif Arnold +9, Stan Paquette +6, and Ken Armstrong +6. Thanks to everyone who showed their great sportsmanship and raise the roof energy this season!




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