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News Archive  /  APRIL 19th, 2013

Culbert Surveyors

Earn First Placeat the Final Playoff​​






Honour Roll

This week’s Honour Roll consists of Mike Duckworth 732T, Kyle Vanderburgh 705T, and Nick Daer 325.  Congratulations guys, thank you everyone for a great season!

Sunday Mix

As the season came to a wrap the Playoff  first place winners were Team C, Nick Daer, Jackie Daer, and Jason Pitblado. In second place was Team D and in Third was Team A. For high scores a shout out goes out to Larry Wilson 234, Nick Daer 325, Jackie Daer 202, Kevin Willis 214, and Debbie Brown 246. Great Job everyone!

Tuesday Meneset

After week two of the playoffs, John Falconer 200, John Martel 225, Ron Chapelle 190, and Stan Paquette193  rolled a great score. One more week left of Playoffs and big scores.

Wednesday Afternoon Ladies

Bowlers that rolled high scores were Ilene Hamilton 213, Pauline Jacques 246, and Brigitte Prinsen 208. Ladies, you are showing great effort in the these last few weeks!

Thursday Zoomers
Fun Day was just that with lucky strikes and great scores and utmost spirit, including Gary Chambers 208, Greta Ciolfe 286, Jim Stone 217, Gerry Rau 260, Jim McGivillray 131, Chuck Potts 228, Ron Machan 217, Libby Wilson 214, Joe Paola 298, Stan Paquette 228, Ralph Koopsman 283, Marg Prouse 205, Isabel MacDonald 172, Steve Winter 229, Roger Kenyon 228, Gloria Weir 267, Marian Millar 172, Yvonne Stone 229, Ron Klages 351, Joan McGivillray 224, and Jack Blay 208. What a great way to finish a season with the Zoomer Gang!

Thursday Men

After the final week of Playoffs, the Culbert Surveyors grabbed first place, the team members included Paul Good, Doug Culbert, Dylan Culbert, Rick Stoddart, Todd Wilson, and Nick Daer. Second was taken by the Pincrushers , and in third was the Bowman Cabinets. High scores were rolled by Paul Good 234, Doug Culbert 237, Evan Lonsdale 183, Bill Stauttener 205, Ray Swan 326/753T, Donald Hodkinson 266/652T, Kevin Partridge 270, Tony Johnston 203, Chris Bechard 218, Rob Hoffman 238, Chris Raynard 219, Larry Wilson 236, Glenn Lamb 235, and Leo Donahue 191.

Youth Bowling

Great scores that came from our youth bowling program come from Kasey Siertsema 155, Amber Siertsema 164, Sydney Mathers 139, Kiefer King 78, Riley Arthur 91, Jennifer Hutchison 119, Rosaleigh Johnston 136, Jared Salton 161, Christopher Dolmage 127, Nicolas Renon 145/113, Spencer Barnim and Zach Chamas 216. Great Job guys!

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