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News Archive  /  FEBRUARY 5th, 2013

Youth Head to Head Challenge Hits the Lanes!





Honour Roll

Our Honour Roll list includes three individuals, Ralph Koopmans 301/797, Larry Wilson 268, and Debbie Brown 279. You guys earned your place on the list. Keep up the great work and as always, looking forward to see who's next to make it to the Honour Roll.

Youth Bowling

The Head to Head Challenge, an annual favorite with 5 games. A close finish win by Kaidin MacAdam rolling 166, Eric Moore 193 a personal best and Chris Dolmage 150 a personal best earned them the Champion shirts of the day with 67 1/2 pts!  Runner-up honours was won by Kylie Wardell striking 201 a personal best, Yasmeen Chamas 132 and Kasey Siertsema 159 and a point total of 65 1/2 . Third place was won by Zach Chamas 233, Bennett Moore 217 and Tyson McGavin 133 with 64 pts. Fourth place was close at 61 pts. Amber Siertsema 215 and Brittany VanDiepen 175.

Last week's Youth Bowling was a blast, after a long needed P.D. Day, everyone had lots of energy and great sportsmanship! Those who gave their greatest games of the week include Amber Siertsema 186, Brittany VanDiepen 175, Zach Chamas 227, 247, 214 for a personal best triple of 688! Spencer Barnim 168, Kylie Wardell 164, Rosaleigh Johnston 133, Yasmeen Chamas 129, Nicholas Renon 123, Christopher Dolmage 102, Tyson McGavin 227, 224 and 137 for a personal best triple of 588, and Riley Arthur 64. You all bowled great!

​Sunday Mixed

Great games were played by Kevin Willis 233, Rick Stoddart 267, and Anthony Martellacci 200. Scores  looked great this week, see you next Sunday!

Tuesday Meneset

On the Meneset League, high scores were bowled by David Blackadar 227, Paul Timmerman 195, Pat Heimpel 225, John Falconer 240, Harvey Callon 192, Dorothy Rogers 175, Wendy LaRoux 153, Ken Heimpel 221 and Marlene Armstrong 178. Keep up the great spirit everyone!

Thursday Men

A lot of bowlers showed high scores! High rollers included: Rob Bogie 213, Chris Bechard 183, Rob Raidt 234, Daniel Raidt 209, Rob Hoffman 214, Ray Swan 240, Rick Stoddart 286, Nick Daer 285, Glenn Lamb 243, Leo Donahue 242, Dane Fee 174, Steve Rody 185, Steve Stothers 213, Ryan Pollock 269, Kyle Vanderburgh 272, and Matt Whitley 282.


​Thursday Seniors

The seniors were keeping the balls rolling while scoring great numbers, high scorers include: Steve Winter 207, Roger Kenyon 226, Joan McGivillray 182, Jim McGivillray 155, Ross Millar 171, Jack Blay 191, Ron Machan 206, Libby Wilson 225, and Marg Prouse 162. Your scores are looking great!

Wednesday Mixed

Ilene Hamilton 202, Brigette Prinsen 183 and Gloria Hedley 174 showed excellent scores!


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