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League News

News Archive JANUARY 24th, 2013

Honour Roll

Our honour roll includes: Nick Daer 731,308,797, Ryan Pollock 719, Steve Stothers 713, Rob Bogie 274, Debbie Brown 281, Pat Heimpel 307, John Matel 263, David Blackadar 266, 289, Jenny Potts 261, Ryan Denomme 300, Anthony Martellacci 281, Lori Rounds 276/739. Great job, we hope to see more names next week and big scores!

Youth Bowling

Everyone was having a blast at Thursday Youth Bowling, great effort from Spencer Barnim 206, Kylie Wardell 162, Jared Salton 167, Tyson McGavin 172/169, Mike Haugen 154, Bennett Moore 171, Zach Chamas 216, Eric Moore, plus on Saturday Kaidin MacAdams 134, Amber Siertsema 123, and Sydney Mathers 144, great games!

​Sunday Mixed

A score of 166 was achieved by Amanda Craig and Larry Wilson 228, I'm anxious to have more names next week. See you all next Sunday.

Tuesday Meneset

Super scores were bowled by: Ron Chapelle 167, Geoff Hine 206, Dorothy Rogers 152, Pat Heimpel 216, Bob Mills 207, Carmen McBurney 182, and Stan Paquette 192. Great job bowlers!

Thursday Seniors

The pins were flying with Ron Machan 227, Libby Wilson 196, Joan McGillivray 180, and Stan Paquette 182. Great score guys! Janet promises to have a really good joke this Thursday! Chamas 233, Bennett Moore 217 and Tyson McGavin 133 with 64 pts. Fourth place was close at 61 pts. Amber Siertsema 215 and Brittany VanDiepen 175.

Thursday Men

The men were striking up a good time with high energy and even higher scores, especially by Paul Good 227, Doug Culbert 218, Todd Wilson 290, Nick Daer 297, Bill Desjardins 255, Kevin Partridge 228, Tony Johnston 203, Ryan Denomme 224, Ralph Rubino 251, Dane Fee 183, Steve Rody 236, and Steve Sager 232. Keep up the great scores men! Welcome to the new guys on team #9, we know you will have a name for your team next week.


February 3rd is Winterfest here at Little Bowl. Don't know what that means? Well, wear your favourite hat, mitts, or scarf and we will give you a free hot chocolate. You can't go wrong with a fun day with the family! Howdy Partner! Feb 12-18 is Country week so you can't forget to stop by for an outrageously good time. We'll crank up the country music while you relax and have a good time. Don't forget! Its only February 12 to 18 and only comes once a year, so don't miss your chance!

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