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League News

League News  /  MAY 3rd, 2013

4th Annual

Marj Moore Invitational



In the Women’s Division the strong bowlers included in this year’s top ten were:  champion Tina Hessels  with a top game of 250, followed by Barb Wilkinson 188 in 2nd place, and not far behind in 3rd was Anette Bowden with a high score of 227. Rounding out the top ten were Sonya Farrell 190, Yasmeen Chamas 143, Janet Henry 198, Tanya Bowden 169, Aleshia Farrell 139, Audrey Black 163, and Bernadette Bedard 143.

The champion from the men’s division was earned by Stan Paquette with a top game of 263, 2nd place was earned by Glenn Lamb 263, and in 3rd place was Dan Lougheed 276, the top ten also included Paul Timmerman 240, Dennis Wilts 256, Ryan Pollock 258, Ray Raidt 248, Liam Leddy 203, Ralph Koopmans 237 and Bjorn Berg 169.
Thanks to everyone who came and showed their support for this great event.  This event is an annual fundraiser for youth groups in our community.

League Playoffs & Top Awards


Monday Ladies
The final weeks high goes to Anette Bowden 201.


Tuesday Meneset
As the playoff concludes, this seasons champions were the Looney Lanes with David Blackadaar, Angela Polach, Luce McBurney, Paul Timmerman, Barb Wilkinson and Ken Armstrong.  In 2nd were the Five Stooges and taking 3rd were the Alley Cats.


Wednesday Afternoon Ladies

High scores this past week include Maria Paola 170, Ilene Hamilton 238, Brigitte Prinsen 176 and Marilyn Bannister 172.  Individual awards for season are: high average Ilene Hamilton 169, high triple was earned by Pauline Jacques 588, high double goes to Betty Fisher 388, and high single by Marilyn Bannister with 230. For Pins over average the high triple goes to Brigitte Prinsen 545, high single goes to Gloria Hedley 220 and the most improved was achieved by Maria Paola who improved her score by 35 points.

Thursday Zoomers

The champions for the season were the Senior Cyclists, Ron Kilgore, Joan McGivillray, Gwen Trebish and Dolores Rau. In second was the Ringers and in third were the Bolts. Thank you for a great season everyone!




Thursday Men

For individual awards Nick Daer had a high average of 231, plus a high triple of 886, and a high single of 370. Also with a high average is Kyle Vanderburgh of 220 and most improved by 21 points. Joe Paola had a high average of 218, a high triple of 814, and a high single of 349. Steve Stothers place second with a high triple 827, and most improved by 17 points. Ryan Pollock had a high triple of 802 and a high single of 353. Laramie Turner whipped up a high triple of 795. Rob Bogie reached a high single of 353 and was the winner of the most improved by 29 points. Dan Lougheed rolled a high single with 336, also with a high single was Paul Good with 333. Ray Raidt was also most improved by 18 points, other players that improved their scores were Jordan Durnin with 17 points, Mike Duckworth improving by 16 points and Chris Bechard by 11 points.




Youth Bowling & Bowler of the Year

The playoff are over and  the team that came in first place was the Boss Bass which includes Jared Salton, Tyson McGavin, and Mike Haugen. The Space Monkeys placed 2nd  Spencer Barnim and Zach Chamas.  3rd place were the Sparklers played by Amber Siertsema and Sydney Mathers.


The Bowler of the Year Tournament results are in with the Bowlasaurus  first place won by Riley Arthur with a high score of 111, 2nd was earned by Jennifer Hutchison 94, and in 3rd Keifer King 94 with an honourable mention for Millar Park Wilson 86.

First place in the Bantams was rolled by Brittany VanDiepen 136, Nicolas Renon 105 in second, 3rd place Christopher Dolmage 99 and strong game played by Seth Bricker 140. In the Junior 1st place was earned by Spencer Barnim 309, in second Amber Siertsema 130, and third was grabbed by Zach Chamas 185. Other strong bowlers were Yasmeen Chamas 99, Tyson McGavin 133, and Cole Drennan 112. Finally, in the High School division Rosaleigh Johnston takes 1st place with her high game 224, second was Kasey Siertsema 209, and in third place Mike Haugen 173.









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