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News Archive  /  APRIL 11th, 2013


​Marj Moore Invitational

is Right Around the Corner!






Honour Roll

This week on the Honour Roll list we have Doug Culbert 283, Rick Stoddart 714T, Nick Daer 798T, Steve Stothers 701T, Joe Paola 701T, Debbie Brown 737T, Pat Heimpel 281, and Ray Swan 326/757T.

Sunday Mix

Rolling strong games this week were Anthony Martecelli 201, Debbie Brown 737T, Jackie Daer 193, and Kevin Willis 247.

Tuesday Meneset

As the playoffs continue, everyone is giving their best. Especially Sue Horton 193, Clif Arnold 180, Sharlene Bean 122, Pat Heimpel 666T, Les Porter 170, Paul Timmerman 242/657T, and Barb Wilkinson 196.

Special Olympics

High scorers this week include Callum Macdonald 174, Aleshia Farrell 162, Laryssa C 163, Paige 176, and Brad Shortreed 213.

Wednesday Afternoon Ladies

This week’s highlighted scores include Ilene Hamilton 223, and

Pauline Jacques 211.

Thursday Seniors
We are in week two out of three of the playoffs and those who are showing excellent scores include: Gail Pelton 185, Gerry Rau 245, and Joan McGivillray 240.

Thursday Men

Oops! Last week we had forgotten to mention that the Old Fellas tied for second place with 51 points. Congratulations to the members of this team!
In this week of the playoffs, strong scores were scored by Bob Desjardins 193, Richard Arbour 214, Rob Ayres 240, Glenn Lamb 268/696T, Leo Donahue 249, Ryan Pollock 267, Ray Raidt 250, Rob Hoffman 233, Paul Good 285, Rick Stoddart 299, Nick Daer 299, Dane Fee 253, Evan Lonsdale 226, Kevin Partridge 224, Rob Bogie 226, Robert Ross 244, and Joe Paola 263/716T.

Youth Bowling

Lots of great scores this past week! Especially for Spencer Barnim 232, Zach Chamas 197, Millar Park-Wilson 88, Jared Salton 138, Mike Haugen 245, Christopher Dolmage 125, Eric Moore 153, and Keifer King 92. Congratulations to all of the Bowlers of the Month you have qualified for the Bowler of the Year Tournament on Sunday  April 21, at 3pm.  Plus mark your calendar as the banquet is on Saturday May 11 at 10am bring your appetite and your bowling arm, we will have a lot of fun!

Marj Moore Invitational

Congratulations to bowlers who have qualified for this great annula event! Marj Moore had a lifetime of outstanding bowling achievements and enjoyed the spirit of good competition on the lanes. What a great way to wrap up your outstanding season. The 4th annual Marj Moore Invitational will be held Wednesday, April 24, 2013. Registration will begin at 6:30pm and will start at 7:00pm. The event consists of 3 Games for $18.00, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Kids Booster Club & Goderich Youth Bowling.

We will see you there!

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