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High Scores this Week

Currently our top bowler of the season is Joe Paola.  He holds the high single 352 and the high triple 911.  Way to go Joe!


Meneset and the Thursday Zoomers came together on Tuesday to compete against one another.  There was a lot of spirit in the air and some big games bowled.  


For the Meneset league Wendy LeRoux beat her previous high score and rolled a 253.  Awesome job Wendy!!  Pat Heimpel 201, Lesley Bridgeford 201, David Blackadar 207, Pat Armstrong 173, Angela Polach 169, Harvey Callon 175, Jim Sweeney 212 and Pat Blackadar 205.  


Thursday Zoomers and some spares bowled big games too.  Way to go Ken Glavin 202, Flipper 184 (twice), Irene Crawford 224, Gary Chambers 241, Ross Millar 182, and Jim Stone 189.


More strikes and spares were rolled on Wednesday.  In the afternoon Pauline Jacques 172, Betty Fisher 206, and Anette Bowden 236 with a 575 triple!  


Wednesday Mixed League knocked the pins down over and over.  Congratulations Amanda Ruston with 4 strikes in a row to finish with a 231!  Laramie Turner 249, Dale Million 225, Jody Powell 208, Rob Ayres 183 and Dianne Siertsema 190.  


New League Leader in Thursday Zoomers is Gwen Trebish with a 257!  Other big games were rolled by Harvey Callon 213, Ralph Koopmans 235, Evelyn Wright 235 and 620 triple, Theo Vanderkorput 180, Ron Machan 192, Stan Paquette 224, Gerry Conyard 176 and Doug Trewartha 175.  


Check back each week for more scores!

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